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Third-Generation Mindfulness and The Universe of Relaxation: Professional Version

Jonathan C. Smith (author)

ISBN: 9781792400346

Publication Date: Jul 2019

Format: Paperback

This professional edition provides a full introduction to mindfulness, meditation, and professional self-relaxation from the guiding perspective of RMM mindfulness theory. Includes an introduction to "Third-Generation Mindfulness". Templates are provided for the RMM Tracker series.

Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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This professional edition provides a full introduction to mindfulness, meditation, and professional self-relaxation from the guiding perspective of RMM mindfulness theory. Includes the first formal introduction to Third-Generation Mindfulness: Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness A Dynamic Transactional Vision (Appendix A). Templates are provided for the RMM Tracker series (Appendix B), a set of broadband inventories for measuring experiences associated with beginning, intermediate, and advanced relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness practice. Explanations and instructions are presented. Free RMM Tracker templates as well as ongoing psychometric and validity information are available on: http://blogs.roosevelt.edu/jsmith.

This text begins with the four techniques used in classical secular mindfulness training. Subsequent chapters expand to yoga, active and passive breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, body self-suggestion ("autogenics"), imagery, and emotion-focused approaches, contemplation, loving-kindness meditation, and gratitude meditation. All approaches are framed, integrated, and applied in terms of mindfulness.

No one approach is favoured. Instead, all are presented equally as samples from a world menu of many options. The goal is to build a personal program based on what works best. This journey is framed and guided by a roadmap: Third-Generation Mindfulness Theory. Here mindfulness is manifest as "5+1" levels, starting with basic relaxation progressing to transcendence. All are supported by mindful emotions such as happiness and trust, love and compassion, and gratitude.

Third-Generation Mindfulness is the product of over 20 years of research involving over 6000 participants from diverse traditions. Exercise scripts and assessment tools have been developed and refined in over (15-week) 150 training classes involving over 4000 students.

This text is written in a friendly, clear, concise, and engaging style appropriate for both students and professionals. Instructions, transcripts, and assessment checklists are presented for over 13 exercise systems.
Pages 277
Date Published 30 Jul 2019
Publisher Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
Subject/s    Mind, Body, Spirit  
  • Part 1: What Is Mindfulness?
  • Chapter 1: A New Generation of Mindfulness
  • Chapter 2: The Mindfulness Response
  • Chapter 3: The 5 + 1 Levels of Mindfulness
  • Chapter 4: The Claimed Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Chapter 5: The Eye of Mindfulness
  • Part 2: Physical Mindfulness Strengthening Exercises
  • Chapter 6: Yoga Stretches and Postures
  • Chapter 7: Breathing Exercises
  • Chapter 8: Muscle Mindfulness (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)
  • Part 3: Mindfulness Broadening Exercises
  • Chapter 9: Emotion-Focused Mindfulness
  • Chapter 10: Broadening Mindfulness Through Imagery
  • Chapter 11: Mindfulness and You
  • Chapter 12: The Four Questions
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness: A Dynamic Transactional Vision
  • Appendix B: RMM Tracker Inventories
  • References
  • About the Author

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